Friday, August 31, 2007

Red is Racing Royalty!

You wouldn't believe it would you? But he is!

His great, great grandfathers were........ Nashua! and Native Dancer!

And his great, great, great grandfather was Nasrullah!
And then his great, great, great, great grandfather was Nearco. Now if you were anything like me before I delged into Red's history, you would have no clue who these horses are. So let me tell you. These horses were some of the most influential and sucessful horses in Thoroughbred Racing History!

Anyone who grew up in the thoroughbred racing industy during the 1950's will know about Nashua. He was incredible. He won dozen of high stake races, was named the United States 2 year old of the year in 1954, the United Sates 3 year old of the year in 1955 and also in that same year he was named the United States HORSE of the year. His progeny went on to win huge races such as the Kentucky Derby! Nashua also was the FIRST horse ever to be sold for over $1 million dollars! He was 24th in the top 100 horses of the century. Guess who was 25th... Seabiscuit! Red's great, great Grandfather was better than Seabiscuit!
Native Dancer aka The Grey Ghost was the 7TH in the top 100 horses of the century. This makes him bettter then Phar Lap! He was the first horse to be made famous by way of television. In his first season as a racer he won every race he entered and apparently 'thrilled' the crowd with his come-from-behind running style. Native Dancer has heaps of honours and awards and won lots of big races. You can check them out at the link at the top of this page.

Nasrullah was a pretty amazing horse also. He was known to be a temperamental and unpredictable horse. I'm sure he passed those traits right through to Red lol. He was known as one of the most important sires of the 20th Century, sireing a number of winners :)

And Nearco was great too! Thoroughbred Heretige said that he was 'one of the greatest racehorses of the 20th Century'. He raced 14 races and was never defeated. His grandson was Northen Dancer who was another amazing horse although hes not related directly to Red.

WAIT theres more! Red's Grandfather was Mr. Prospector AKA Mr. P. He wasn't a great racehorse himself but he sired some amazing horses. One of Mr. P's most remarkable feats was siring one winner of each of the Triple Crown races.
But then the big names stop there. Red's Sire was Pat's Victory from the USA, his Dam was Lighting Bay from New Zealand. We found some half brothers of Reds, out of Pat's Victory who did quite well as New Zealand steeplechases but thats about it. We figure that the couple that bred Red would've paid a lot of money to have him bred with such an impressive lineage. Which makes us wonder why Red only raced once. I don't know much about Racing but you think someone who had a horse with incredible lineage like Reds would give that horse more than one race to prove himself. Perhaps he had a injury? Or maybe they had to sell him for some other reason? I guess we will never know.
I do know his breeders names so I tried looking them up in the phone book but unfortunately none of the people I found were the right ones. One guy just hung up on me when I told him why I was looking for a guy by that name! Rude!
Anyway here are some pictures of his famous forefathers:

This is Mr.Prospector, Reds grandpapa. Hes American.

This grey fellow above is none other then Native Dancera aka The Gray Ghost. American born and bred.

This is Nashua racing his little heart out! He is an American too.

This is Nasrullah his great, great, great Grandsire. He was British.

And this is Nearco, the Italian Stallion (yep he was Italian). Red is truly foreign.

Yep so thats it! Reds part of a famous racing line! It was incredible finding out about him. I feel I understand him a little bit better! Until next time!

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