Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Last Ride

A Beautiful Poem...

A pioneer in life's sunset
To his pony sang this song
I am going west this time old pal
And can't take you along

I'm headed over yonder
To the happy hunting grounds
Where life's sorrows cannot follow
And peace and joy abounds

I've hung up the well-worn saddle
And laid aside my gun
Farewell my pinto pony
Our hunting days are done

The mountains and the valleys
Shall look for me in vain
The pines and dancing waters
I shall never see again

A phantom horse shall guide me
On the oldest trail of all
This the path that all must follow
When we hark the final call

The unknown trail is waiting
In that place where myriads dwell
The land where none returneth
The journey there to tell

Voices long forgot are calling
Life's sunlight fading fast
Life's trails are but faint memories
Life's hopes and dreams have passed

I'll be waiting over yonder
Just across the great divide
By the campfire I'll be watching
Good bye old pal I RIDE.


photogchic said...

Thanks for sharing the poem...very touching.

Wayne Jones said...

Great poem & love the end picture..