Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Red!

In the midst of all the rush of getting ready for the ODE Red turned a grand 18 years old. His birthday was on the 9th of November. No, we didn't forget it. In fact I made a special effort to include carrots in his feed which I usually do forget. I was going to make him a carrot cake but I ran out of time, but I gave him extra pats and scratches to make up for it.
Happy Birthday to you my darling Red. I can't wait for whats still to come!
PS. My 18th birthday is tomorrow :) And tonight Red and I are doing a extra hard dressage test that I just found out about today argh! Wish us luck.


Callie said...

Happy B-Day Red!

photogchic said...

Happy Birthday Red! Good luck on the test.

Strawberry Lane said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!!

Katie.Star said...

thanks everyone! We appreciate it!