Sunday, September 30, 2007

So where is he?

I told you a little while ago in this post that I would be leasing Phoenix and he would be arriving in the next couple of weeks. Well in case you haven't noticed there hasn't been much word on him here, so heres an update:

He was supposed to come about 2 weeks ago but the girl who has him can't drive him as shes on her restricted license and her parents were over seas for a couple of weeks so we had to wait for them to get back.

Then last week she rang me to say that her parents were back but when she had gone out to see him that day she had felt some heat in his hooves which meant he could be lame. She was going to get someone to check it out and see if he would be alright to travel.

She then rang me on Friday night and said there was no heat anymore and would it be alright if they brought him up on Sunday afternoon (yesterday). Of course I said yes, glad that something was happening and I would be able to show you all some pictures. She said they would probably get to the Pony Club at about 4.00pm. So about 3.30 I was just about to leave to go up to the Pony Club when I got a call from her. Apparently they had been trying for two hours to get him on the float and he utterly refused to go near it. They had some experienced horse friends helping them and even they hadn't been able to get him on. One of the friends ended up having to go to hospital because Phoenix ripped a rope out of his hand and cut it to the bone.

She said they were going to try for a little while longer and then get back to me. So I sat at home and then about 1/2 an hour later her mum rang to talk to me. She told me basically the same thing but she said they were going to call it a day and maybe try later on in the week. So yep thats about it.

I don't know when he's coming and even if he'll come considering they can't get him on the float. So we'll see what happens.

Now for some good news: My Cross Country event shirt and hat cover arrived on Wednesday! Its sky blue and black (my colours for those who dont know) and its awesome! I'll get mum to take a picture of me in it tonight and of course you will see in featured during the cross country phase of my competitions. Now all I need is some black boots for Red to complete our Cross Country outfit haha :)

Also if you remember in my post Shopping List I wanted a Hanoverian Collegiate Bridle... we'll I got it last week. I felt a tad guilty about spending that much on a bridle but I love it! I even brought a bridle bag to protect it so it dosen't get ruined in the back of my car. Reds not quite excited about it as I am.. he wouldn't stand still when I was fitting it to him.

So thats it in the news of Katie and Red. A story for another day will be coming soon (if not in the next hour or so) so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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