Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm back... but only temporarily

I'm back!

But not for long since I still have very limited internet access in Taumarunui but I'm in Auckland for the weekend as a suprise for my mum for mothers day... and boy was she suprised when I showed up on the doorstep tonight!! It was great!

I'm riding Toby at the moment (he features in the photographs in this post). He's a flea bitten grey cross breed thats a pro at eventing and so is awesome for me to learn on. I'm concentrating on getting him fit at the moment since he's been out of work for almost a year. He's a grumpy old man (much like Red) and I love him lots! I have lots of fun rides with him.

Anyway here are some pictures from a photoshoot I did with Sarah-Anne and Toby last weekend... enjoy!


mitzi said...

I like the first one best!!!

mitzi said...

I changed my nickname from misha to mitzi. just so that you aren't confused!

Strawberry Lane said...

How great to give your mom a surprise visit !!

Chris said...

I agree with Mitzi, that first one is just gorgeous! Looks like the most fun!