Friday, July 11, 2008

Out on the farm

For some reason the gods have decided to grace us with nice weather on two sundays running (why they choose not to do it on a saturday I'm not sure). Anyway we took advantage of the break from the rain and went for some nice hacks out on the farm. My friends took some pics and video of Toby and I doing our thing. The video will be published in the next post since I'm having trouble with Blogger uploading it. You can see in the video that Toby is fighting the whole way in, he was full of beans that day and he just wanted to "go go go!" I even got a few bucks out of him which was suprising.

Anywhere heres a picture of us doing the little log. Toby is a mess at the moment with his yellow tail and shaggy fur but he still looks cute.

Jumping the Log

And one of us doing one of the big log



Chris said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I wish I could achieve such jumps with my boy but feel when he's fresh and in the mood to buck (pretty often) it's hard enough to keep him in check for tiny jumps, I fear he'd too easily unseat me if we went for something bigger than a couple of feet!

Beckz said...

Hey, looking really good. May I ask which Emma I used to be paddock mates with?? There were three of them lol!

Katie said...

Chris - Have you tried having jumping lessons with a trainer? I found that once I started having lessons and my instructors started working on my positing I felt a lot more secure when I was jumping and was able to do higher and higher jumps. Also, they can give you tips on keeping your horse under control.

Beckz - Thanks! haha sorry! Um Emma Hill... she rides Tom.

Beckz said...

Oh I love Tom he is a dude. How do you know her??

Katie said...

He is pretty cool! Seems to get hurt alot though haha. I know her through this riding camp that we go to and she stayed with us this past week when she did work experience at some of our neighbours. The family was away so it was just us which was pretty fun.