Friday, November 7, 2008

Simple Arithmetic

What happens when you add the fact that rain has pouring down for the last two days, plus the fact your horse's cover has no stomach straps, plus the fact your horse likes to roll in the mud continuously and plus the very limited time you have to ride, tack and un tack?

The Answer?


Un-surprisingly I didn't end up riding that morning because my friend who was competing at her first show was running late and her horse was almost as bad as Jack. So I started on his bath for her.


Anonymous said...

I guess you should be grateful he's not a grey. But THAT is a horse who had a big time getting dirty.

How are his feet?

Anne AKA

Katie said...

Yes I am so glad I don't have to deal with the yellow tails that all the grey horses have at pony club.

His hooves are doing great! He's no longer limping but is still a little reluctant to put full weight on the hoof that had the worst abscess. Daily cleaning and bandaging are really fun for both of us 'cough cough'