Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jack's Christmas Wish List

Jack wants to get himself all kitted out before he heads down to Palmerston North with me next February. This is is Christmas Wish List. (I must admit I influenced him a bit with a few of these things).

TC Stud Guard Girth
Jack tends to tuck his hooves nice and tight into his chest when jumping and he wants a stud guard to protect himself.

Dublin Two Tone Silverline Helmet
Jack knows I have been wanting one of these for a long time and he thinks I should get it soon since he dumped me on my head today.

Zilco Leather Gaiters

My long boots are getting pretty worn out now. I've worn them for about 4 years now and Jack agrees that these gaiters look pretty awesome.

Zilco Crusader Lit
e Combo
This horse here looks pretty cool in this rug but Jack thinks he'll look way better. Plus it will keep him dry and at a good temperature on those in between day. He likes the Zilco rug range a lot since he is a tough guy who likes to test his rugs to the limit and Zilco tends to stand up better then other brands.

Once Jack has got these he'll pretty much be set to head of to Uni with me. Hopefully Santa will drop these in his stocking. Personally I think he might be getting some coal.


Beckz said...

Just a point- you will find a stud guard that you slide onto your girth far cheaper than the stud girth you have a picture of there. just food for thought. I have made my sister get me a studgirth from Ireland because nice quality ones are like half the price you get them in NZ

Katie said...

Ah yes Beckz. I know of the detachable stud guards and I know thats probably what I'll end up getting but I can always dream can't I?

Beckz said...

Haha fair enough lol! It's just a shame that horse gear is so expensive yeesh.

Katie said...

I know! Gosh! Theres so much cool stuff that is just so freaking expensive.

Beckz said...

How is the head??

Chris said...

Loving that helmet! Looks like a rather nice wish list there ;)

Katie said...

Thankfully I'm feeling fine and only have slight pain in my neck and shoulder. Funnily enough my thigh is the sorest at the moment and it didn't bother me at all when the fall first happened.

I was in a car crash yesterday with some of my friends. 2 of my friends got bad whiplash but myself and another friend were spared injury.

Katie said...

Yes.. I tried to get mum to get me that helmet as a replacement but she refused. One day when I'm rich :)

20 meter circle of life said...

I like that list!!! I hope he was good this year!!