Sunday, June 24, 2007

Going in circles

Well today I dragged myself out of my new (yay!) double bed and went out to see Red. I didn't visit him yesterday because I was soooo tired. I had been to my cousins party on saturday night I didn't get to bed till 2, and then I woke up at 8. I went back to bed at 12 and slept till 3 and then I had to go to church.

So today I got to try out my new lunging gear... dang I just remember I left my lunging whip in the middle of the paddock, oh well hopefully someone has found it. Anyway I've only ever free lunged Red in a round pen so using a lunge lead was a whole new experience. He picked up on most of the cues pretty easily. Especially the upwards transitions. The downwards transitions were another story. He listened to my downward transition cues perhaps twice in the whole time we were working, the rest of the time he just kept going until I had reeled him in closer to me. But I'm sure with a little more practice he will get it. He's a smart GG. I lunged him over a little log which he seemed to enjoy, I tried one of the bigger jumps but he just stopped in front of it. No suprise there though, he doesnt like jumping that jump even when I'm on him.

I'll keep you posted on our lunging progress... hopefully there will be progress lol. Btw you can tell I didn't do my hair when I got up this morning :P Until later...


Anonymous said...

haha silly billy leaving your whip in da paddock, i hope you whip nicely

Anonymous said...

hahaha im sorry but i have to asy how awsome that clip is just one last time (oh well maby not the last time haha)