Sunday, June 24, 2007

Horse Gear Review #1 Rhino Flexi Tub

At the awesome Pony Club camp I went to in April we had a massive storm on the last night. Tents were falling down, branches were breaking of trees, and horses were running through barbed wire fences (but thats a story for another time). In all the chaos of the night my trusty little feed bucket blew away, never to be found again. And so I was on the hunt for a new feedbucket.

Now most of you horsie people in NZ, and I suspect in other countries, have heard of, seen or used a Rhino Flexi Tub. Lots of the people at my PC use them and I've borrowed a few in my time. These little buckets are pure genius. They are made out of this great flexible plastic that makes them convenient to carry around, and also to wedge into small places (like the boot of my car). They are also a good shape for horses to get their little mouths around those last tasty morsels and they can't get stuck on a horses head like some of the other feedbuckets I've tried. They also come in a variety of awesome colours, and some of them are scented. Thats right you can get apple scented buckets. My best friend has one and she says they are pretty cool.
So after seeing the wonders of this bucket I decided this was the bucket for Red and I. So off I toddled to the Saddlery Warehouse to pick up the new addition to my horses luxuries... but alas! They didn't have the Sky Blue that I wanted (Reds colours are Sky Blue and Black) and so I resorted to getting a black bucket which isn't as exciting. But I must say Red loves his new bucket and I'm pretty happy with it myself.
So the next time you are looking for a new feedbucket... I would definitely recommend a Flexi Tub.


Anonymous said...

Boy have i been using those wronjg, i guess ill have to feed my cat in a dish now

Anonymous said...

haha yea well i guess its gonna be hard to find a dish in crunchies size lmao. neway luving the whole 'endorsing rhino buckets thing going on... and i got a mention so thats even cooler!