Monday, October 22, 2007

8 Things about Me

All through the blogggin community people have been writing their '8 Things about Me' posts. You are supposed to get tagged to do this, but no one has tagged me. So I am following in my fellow blogger Callie footsteps at MidWestHorse and writing one anyway. So here they are.

1. I went to Tanzania in Africa when I was 15 years old. I went with my High School on a Mission trip to help out in orphanages and perform at schools etc. While I was there I went on two safaris (and saw 4 out of the big 5), rode a camel, treated orphans for scabies, kissed a snake, barterd with the Masai, gaped at the enormity of Mt. Kilimanjaro, danced at an African Wedding and rode a horse through a African Village.

2. I have the weirdest sleeping habits of anyone I know. Sometimes I sit up in bed for no reason, and usually I do this really, really fast. Instead of snoring I make a clicking noise in the back of my throat. I've once had a conversation in my sleep with some friends but most of the time I'll just mumble nothing when friends try to talk to me. I also make this weird noise when I am asleep sometime, its much to hard to describe over the net.

3. I am a Disaster Preparedness fanatic.

4. I always have something wrong with me. Usually its an injury from Horse Riding. Up until recently it was migranes, now its my jaw. I smacked into a pole that was bolted into the ground when I was playing badmington three years ago and I did damage to the joint. Its been dislocating a lot lately and its getting harder to put back into so I'm off to the hospital next month for a painful look at whats wrong. I'm also getting my wisdom teeth out the day after my birthday.

5. My cat Chucky died this year. He was my first pet and I loved him with all my heart. He's buried in our back yard under a cross I made for him. I still have dreams about him coming back to life. Its heartbreaking.

6. I've had three black eyes in my short 17 (almost 18) years.

7. My favourite time in the world is when I'm at Horse Camp in Taumarunui during the Summer, sitting on the couch on the deck with my best friend and all my other good friends just having a friendly chat.

8. One day I want to have my Private Plane and Helicoptor License. I also want my heavy truck license and I want to know how to fix cars.


Jay Cam said...

are you prepared for the flying monkeys disaster?

Jay Cam said...

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Anonymous said...

man i totally love that couch with all the comfy sunny goodness!!