Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coming up on 'A Girl and Her Horse'

So I've come up with a few things that I'm going post about here on 'A Girl and Her Horse' and here they are:

  1. Horse Gear Review # 2 - The Magic Block.
    Yes, its been a LONG time since you have seen one of these. I have completely neglected the poor horse gear reviews. But I promise to start again so keep a look out for more in the future.

  2. The saddle on my horse's back.
    I'm just about to start the dreaded hunt for a new saddle for Red and I am taking you on the journey too.

  3. 2007/2008 Season Goals.
    This post will be based around my goals but I will give you some helpful hints and tips on achieving your specific goals.

  4. The Chiropracter comes a-visiting.
    Tonight I will be ringing up one of the best chiropracters in Auckland and booking an appointment for Red. I'm convinced Red has some back alignment problems and I know he hasn't had a visit from the chiropracter in the last 6 years. Photos and explanations will accompany this post.

  5. Tack room in the making.
    At this moment in time I do not have a tack room. I keep Reds tack in plastic containers in our garage. This wouldn't be such an issue but we don't use our garage for our car, its a storage space. An unorganized storage place. And as a result I'm finding it harder and harder to find places for my many items. Dad has 'agreed' to let me have one of the offices downstairs that are used for storage too. Keep a look out for the post that will include before and after shots of my tack room.

  6. Spring Cleaning
    Its spring here in New Zealand. And I always give Red a 'spring clean' if you like. I've been meaning to do it for the past 2 weeks but I haven't gotten around to it but this saturday I'll do it! Featuring in this post will be 'how tos' and before and after pictures.

  7. Massey ODE - 11th November 2007
    Its my first one day event of the season! I'll be competiting at Intro, but would you believe they have given us a Training level dressage test to do? Thats two levels above intro for those who don't know. Oh well I will do my best. Other than that I can't wait for it! Lots of pics will appear in my flickr account so keep a look out after that date!

Well there you go! Keep an eye out for all these things in the near future.

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Callie said...

Sounds like good future posts! Looking forward to them.