Sunday, March 30, 2008

Checking in

Its been pretty quiet around here. I haven’t posted recently because frankly I wanted a break from everyday life. Our office closed down the week after Easter so I took the opportunity to go to Auckland to visit family and friends and get my winter shopping done.

I did compete at one Easter show on Saturday and only entered one class… it didn’t go well. We got eliminated. I’d rather not talk about it at this time. I’m still trying to think it all through, process it a bit.

While I was up in Auckland I got the chance to visit my gorgeous man Red. He’s doing really well and being looked after superbly. I’m not ashamed to say I cried a few tears when I saw him, I’ve missed him a lot! His age is starting to show on his HUGE potbelly, he no longer holds his weight on his ribs… its all slid back a few centimeters and is hanging out just in front of his legs.

He’s soon being moved to his new retirement village way out west of Auckland. Auntie Sue has found a place to graze which will be perfect for him. He’ll have a companion of another retired chestnut gelding called RED! What a co-incidence huh? Since the other Red is bigger then our Red it looks like they will be known as Big Red and Little Red. Red was previously known as Little Red at his old home so it won’t be a huge change. The lady whose house he’s going to live at sounds like she is one of those perfect horse owners that dotes on her horses in everyway possible. And she’s happy to feed Red (our Red) and groom him daily. Since the place is so far away, Auntie Sue will have limited visits of only a few times a week but it looks like Red will be in good hands. The new place is quite small which is a good thing because the horses can be seen from the house at all times. He’s also slowly going through the process of being barefoot since he won’t be competiting and won’t be road riding. Since thoroughbreds are known for their bad feet, no chances are being taken. He had his back shoes taken off last week and was only a bit ouchy when he was led over the rocks to the arena but otherwise was great, so I’m pleased.

That’s about the gist of it. Until next time.


Beckz said...

You can't do that love! You need to tell us how it happened so we can offer help and support :)

photogchic said...

Sorry things went badly at the show...better next time, eh. Glad you got to go visit Red and sounds like he is fat and happy.

misha said...

That's cool that you got to visit him :)
I bet you're glad that he's in good hands :) Is he going to be able to stay in a field or stable? If I was a horse I'd want to be able to stay in a field with an apple tree in it!!! Actually, with 700 apple trees in it!!!

Anne said...

Sounds like you needed the time off. We all do from time to time. I agree with Beckz that you've got to tell us about it. We've all had bad shows. (Some more than others!)

Glad Red is doing well and that you got to see him.

Take care -- and keep blogging!

Katie said...

hey guys,
i just want to say thanks for all the support! you really help me when things get a little tough!

hope you all are well!