Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Introducing Ghost

Meet Ghost.

Shes a 14.1 Appaloosa Mare who is 7 years old. With a sweet nature and an awesome bareback ride.

Ghost is my new eventer.

Now I haven’t bought Ghost yet, but I plan on probably doing it in the near future. Unfortunately since I’m 18 and she is only a pony we can’t compete in A & P Shows and Show Jumping competitions. But that’s alright, Eventing is my passion anyway.

Ghost has competed at pre-intro level with my friend Sarah-Anne but has been schooling higher then that. I jumped her 1m last time I was down here.

I can’t wait for us to form a bond. I know I’m going to be having a lot of fun with her. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.


jdp said...

That's exciting - I'm glad you found a partner already in your new digs. I look forward to more Ghost stories!

Beckz said...

She looks very cute. You can compete her at A&P shows and in showjumping you just have to compete her in the horse classes

dressagemom said...

She looks really cute and reminds me of a Pony of the Americas.

What is an A&P show?

Beckz said...

An A& P show is an agricultural and pastoral show. They are basically fair days that have judging of most types of farm animals, vegetable comps etc.

Katie said...

Oh really? Thanks for that Beckz! I was told you couldn't so I'll def look into it.

She is so cute! I think shes starting to like me as shes not running away anymore when I go to catch her.

She's also really good without a halter or bridle which is a lot of fun!