Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Once a horse woman, always a horse woman

When I told people I wasn't going to be riding in Auckland many people commented that they were sure I would start riding again one day because you know "Once a horse woman always a horse woman". I agreed with them thinking I would start riding again when I was in my late 20's or something but a higher power decided differently for me.

Since leaving Taumarunui and not being able to ride I've gotten kind of depressed. My zeal for life vanished you might say. I'm not a naturally depressed kind of person. I've always been happy and upbeat and depression has never touched me. But since "giving up" riding I've been down in the dumps. I felt like I had lost a part of my identity. Because I had always been a horse rider and now I wasn't. It all came to a head one day when mum came home with the latest Horse and Pony magazine. I refused to look at it for a couple of days because I wasn't riding any more and what was the point. But that shiny magazine sitting on my desk just beckoned me over. Finally I opened it and promptly burst into tears. It was then I realised I just couldn't give up riding with out a fight. It was my passion.

My good parents had said they would pay my Pony Club fees if I wanted to start riding again. And then a Pony Club friend offered me one of her horses for the season. I went to look at him on Saturday but still quite hadn't made up my mind when I went to a party for her that night. All the rest of my PC friends were there as well and I got to talking to one of them about coming back to Pony Club and how I was looking for a horse. She told me about a great horse she knew about that was in my price range (not very much) who would be perfect for me. The owner was looking for someone who would make him their "No.1" horse.

Anyway I got onto the owner last night and she told me all about this great horse. His name is Jack. He's a 15.2, black thoroughbred gelding. Hes also only 10 years old. He's a been there done that horse but has been out of work for the past few months hence the good price. She has had him for a year but has only done bits and bobs with him because her first priority has always been University and now that she is getting a full time job she just wants him to go to a good home where he will be the "No.1" horse. He sounds perfect and I'm going to see him on Monday! I am so excited. I really have a good feeling about this horse so hopefully things will work out with him. Wish me luck.

Also I've been struggling with what to do next year. I knew I didn't want to go back to full time employment and wanted to study... but what? I had been thinking about going to Telford Rural Polytechnic to do Equine Studies but the accommodation costs would have been beyond my budget so that was a no-go. Thankfully I found another course in Palmerston North at Kyrewood Equestrian Centre. I've applied for the Sport Horse Course and everything looks like its a go ahead at this point in time. So hopefully everything will work out and I'll be studying what I love best next year!

So that's it. I am back for good! Since making the decision to come back to riding I have been feeling a million times better and I can't wait to get back to Pony Club! Now to find a job to fund my passion.


Pony Girl said...

Welcome back! Short vacation! :) Can't wait to hear more about the black Thoroughbred you are looking at.
I wish I'd gone to an equine school. If only I'd known that was really an option 19 years ago, LOL! ;)

Chris said...

Lovely that you've been able to find a place to ride, a horse to ride and a place to study!

What does your course entail?

Katie said...

Thanks for the comments!

Pony Girl - I went to see Jack today and will write a post about him sometime tonight and tomorrow! I'm very excited!

Chirs - Basically the course is mostly practical unlike the University course that is offered in New Zealand. So its basically learning a lot about riding, stable management etc. Its exactly what I want!

Beckz said...

Hmm haven't heard great things about kyrewood as far as equestrian studies go. You should apply for a scholarship to Marcus Oldham in Australia through the horse and pony or look at Telford in the south island.

Katie said...

I've already looked at Telford and it would be my ideal choice but unfortunately I can't afford the accomdation costs even with a student allowance etc.

Also with the Marcus Oldham College I would love to attend there but I might look at that in a few years or so.

Chris said...

Aah, I'm addicted to study - especially in regards to horses!

Dunno what Telford costs, but boy was Marcus appealing before being aware of the cost for the 12 months of study!

Beckz said...

What about Massey? they have equine studies and you can keep your horse there relatively cheap.

Katie said...

I've looked at Massey also but its more of a theory course rather then practical which I am more interested in. I'm not really doing this course for the qualifications achieved rather then the "on-the-job" experince I will gain and the fact I don't want to work next year.

Beckz said...

I really don't know mean to knock what you are doing and by all means fell free to follow that path it's just that I have seen some very average riders come out of Kyrewood and perhaps you would be better off elsewhere

Katie said...

No thats all good beckz! I appreciate that you take the time to comment about this stuff. I sent you a private email if you wouldn't mind checking it.