Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Back!!

I don't know why but I couldn't stay away. So here I am, ready to get this blog back up and running.

A Girl and Her Horse has been renovated. What do you think of the new look? Is the black background too dark?

Its glorious holidays at the moment. My body has decided to rebel against me and has crashed making me need to head to bed at very early times. Most of the people from my hostel have gone home from the hoildays but I have had to stay in Palmerston North because of Jack. I don't mind this because it gives me alone time. Alone time never happens in the hostel so its been a welcome change. I love people but sometimes it can be too much. I do miss my parents though. Hopefully I will be able to spend a few days in Auckland next holidays.

All this spare time has given me a lot of time to ride and spend time with Jack. I have given him lots of grazing time out of his paddock. He loves grazing up and down the grass verge by the paddocks and I let him wander freely while I muck out his paddock. I've taken to listening to audio books on my ipod while I muck out his paddock. It takes my mind of the job and it makes it go a lot faster.

Today, my friend E and I took Jack and her horse Tom to the beach. The beach we went to is huge and long, and perfect for riding on. Jack came off the float and immediately went hyper. He was very rude when it came to brideling and it took me awhile to get it on him. He jig-jogged for the first 20 minutes when I was on. This behaviour is unusual for him but he settled down after awhile. Tom and E haved been to the beach a few times and led the way. I haven't been to the beach with Jack before and found that he was petrified of the waves. I encouraged him and he followed Tom into the water tentatively and then jumped all over the place when the waves hit his leg. I almost came off a few times but thankfully managed to not fall into the drink. Since Tom's hooves are a little sore at the moment, we didn't do any galloping. We did a lot of cantering and trotting and found some awesome logs to jump. We went a long way down the beach and it took ages to get back once we finally decided to turn around. By the time we were back, the horses were covered in sweat and sea salt. We loaded up and went home.

Jack and I have our first Training Event in the middle of May. I have some work to do on my Dressage so will have to get cracking on that, hopefully I will be able to get a lesson before it.


Beckz said...

Gah, sucks about T0oms feet. I hope Tom is ok, I really like that horse. The beach there is just awesome isn't it?? I went there with Kmy sister and E once.

*Sharon* said...

YAY! You're back and with a new horse - or did I miss that?

IMHO the black background is off-putting. I find it hard to read blogs with white type on a dark background and tend to stop checking them. It tends to give me migraines...
Looking forward to hearing more from you - are you doing any of the Tielcey Park competitions? (I'm in Hawkes Bay but would love to come down for some).

Katie said...

Beckz - The beach was awesome! We had lots of fun! I'm not sure if you remember but Tom is one of those horses that always hurts himself! He just came off being lame with some mystery leg pain and then he pulled a shoe a couple of days later. If you ever get a chance, you should bring Kate and have a ride with us at the beach :)

Katie said...

Sharon - As I used to (and still do sometimes) suffer from terrible migranes I have changed my blog colours for you :)I hope they are more to your liking. In answer to your first question... I have had Jack since September. If you go back in the archives you can see how it all happened.

I am not planning on doing any comps at Ticely but will hopefully do some comps in Hawkes Bay later this year (I'm not sure where exactly) that you are welcome to come watch! I will make sure I put when I am doing them on the blog.