Monday, May 11, 2009


I've been very busy lately and have neglected this poor blog! Uni is crazy at the moment so poor Jack has been getting fed and cleaned regularly and not much else. I'm sure he's happy though, what horse doesn't want to hang in a paddock and eat?

I've arranged for Jack to be turned out on my best friends farm for 6 weeks (this is where I lived last year). The paddocks and hills are huge so hes going to get the chance just to be a horse for a few weeks and regain some mental health. My only worry is that he will be turned out with some other horses and there are always fights... hopefully he doesn't get hurt! I'll be praying hard.

Otherwise, there is not much else going on here! This blog will be having its own winter hiatus so don't expect too much!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back - it sounds like a good situation for Jack - don't worry too much about injuries - the horses figure it out OK most times. Looking to hear from you again after your winter break!

Anonymous said...

You're back! I wouldn't worry about Jack being injured (actually I probably would, but really without necessity) because from what you write here, he seems like the boss horse. And like Kate said, the horses will generally figure out their own pecking order without too much violence.