Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Tribute to Red

My Chestnut boy
You are the best.
I love you more
Then all the rest.

You lift me up
When I am down.
With you right here
There is no frown

You give me wings
When I can not fly.
You give your all
When I ask you to try.

You dance around
the dressage ring.
You make me so proud
I want to sing.

Our ribbons might
not be blue.
But darling boy
I'll always choose you.

Even when we
make mistakes.
You, big Red,
take the cake.

We've galloped along
a sandy beach.
And through the forest
with great big leaps.

We've had some fun,
you and I.
Our memories are something
I cannot buy.

You big man
have stolen my heart.
You took it then,
right at the start.

When your old
and need a rest.
Of my care
you'll have the best.

I'll rug you up
against the cold.
To anyone else
you'll never be sold.

Thanks, Red
for all you are.
Your the best,
you are my star.


Simply Marvelous said...

What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful horse.

Lene said...

That's such a nice poem about Red! Best wishes with that lameness!

shranie wanny said...

wow thats awsome!!! man i almost want tyo cry it was so sweet!