Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Goal Gone!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Red and I were due to compete in a particulary hard dressage test against my Pony Club ride. I only had 10mins to warm up and I wasn't expecting anything spectacular but as I trotted around the ring I said to myself 'We are going to be amazing, we are going to do the best dressage test ever' over and over again. Lo and behold we did great!

Red and I scored really well. We got a lot of 7 and 8s in the transitions which I was very pleased with. The only thing that let us down was the right canter which I'm not suprised at all about. But we're working on that.

But even more exciting was we got lots of great remarks about Reds bending! Comments like 'Supple and bending well into the corners" and "Great circle, bending nicely' showed up. I was so pleased. We didn't place but hey sometimes achieving a goal is better then getting a rosette.


Lene said...

Congrats! Who needs 95 cents ribbons anyway! I'm sure you guys were amazing! Keep up the good work and surely you'll become one of the best New Zealand riders ever!

Beckz said...

Thats really awesome there is nothing like making progress. I never get bending well comments so you must have done a mint job

Callie said...

Congradulations! Keep up the good work. It's such a feeling of accomplishment. Hard work has payed off.

Katie said...

Thanks guys! It always good hearing comments from you!