Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dressage and Show Jumping Night

We had a dressage and show jumping night at Pony Club tonight. The test was a Open level one and required fun things like extended trot and change of rein through canter which I have never done before.

Even though I was expecting our test to be as bad as the one on Sunday Jack proved me wrong by trucking along with an awesome trot. He was forward AND on the bit. We got a bit of extension on the second trot and our change of rein through the canter was shocking but otherwise I was really happy. I love it when he gets into his trucking trot. He just gets on the bit and stays there and moves along at this really nice pace.

Our show jumping was fantastic. They had banged the jumps up so I was doing Training Level and we both flew over the course without hesitation! I even went the right way on the course. We went clear and I was soo happy. I think I'm finally gaining some confidence. We got heaps of yells and cheers and kind words from people after the round.

I am VERY happy with my boy.

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EquineMan said...

Red is a good looking horse. It is funny one day you are so mad at them for missing a lead change, or refusing a jump and the next it is like "where did this horse come from"

It is sad to say but sometimes it is our tension and different seat that makes them act the way the do I think.

Keep up the great blog..

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