Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're here!

We've arrived in Palmerston North and we are getting settled in. Jack is in a paddock that is situated the furtherest away from everything but it has hills which mean it will drain well in the winter and it is not permantley split in two like the other paddocks so we may be able to break feed in the winter and get the grass to last longer yay!
Jack's paddock mate arrives tonight so he won't be all on his lonesome which he will be very happy about. We had our first ride this morning in the arena, in the pouring rain. We were both soaked by the end of it. And then after I put him back in his paddock I locked my keys in the car which meant I had to walk a long way to get help and then had to bus into town to get my spare key and had my friend drive me back out to my car. It was mission and a half and wasted half my day!
Jack also stood on my foot the first night he came. I initally thought it he had broken it but the pain subsided after awhile but its swollen and bruised and still pretty sore. I'm looking forward to getting Jack going again after a week and a bit off.


Beckz said...

I was in the paddock with hills too! Is it the one next to the running track?? Glad you got there ok

Katie said...

um nope! its paddock 21. all the way at the other end by the road! sooooo far away.