Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whats Happening?

My computer is still playing up so I am having to steal friends computers to access the internet so it has been hard to blog recently. Hopefully my computer will be up and running soon.

Jack was pretty stressed for the first few days of arriving. He wasn't drinking at all and was barely eating. I had to give him lots of molasses water in an effort to get him drinking and I had fun trips out late at night to make sure he was okay. Thankfully he's drinking by himself now. His weight also plummeted so he's on twice daily feedings in a effort to get his weight back on.
His paddock is quite small so I'll be starting him on hay soon which is going to drain my bank account but I got a job yesterday at a local stud so I'll be able to keep afloat. It also means daily mucking out which is really fun. The paddock also has lots of rocks in it, so I've been slowing working my way through getting those out.
The stud is a racing stud with about 50 horses including foals. The owner wanted to see how I handled horses so we did some basic jobs with the huge thoroughbreds in the pouring rain. He had me put a horse on the treadmill and I got to see that in action. It's a water treadmill so it was really amazing to see the horse work. We did some work with a foal and then he offered me the job which is awesome.
I'll have to write more about the water treadmill later, right now I have to go to Church.

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