Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bucks and other stuff

Wow, I have never been so busy in my life. Uni is obviously taking up a lot of my time, and juggling Jack and my social life is a massive feat but I'm doing it. I'm living in a Hostel with 30 other (mostly) first year uni students so study is based on pure will power. The temptation to leave my room to join in the interesting coversations in the corridor is big, but I am determined to get high marks in my course.

It poured on the weekend so I didn't ride for two days. This turned out to be a mistake because I also started Jack on twice daily feedings at the same time. When I got on him on Monday night he had turned into a monster. He bucked, he reared and he shyed A LOT. My well-behaved horse was showing his bad side. I'm the one to blame though. It was a fun ride anyway, we jumped for the first time since coming here and I didn't fall off. Jack did drop two poles which was very strange for him. I really must get him back into regular work for both our sakes.

Life is good, I'm really hoping to get Jack to a couple of one day events in the Hawkes Bay in April but we'll see whats happening with my finances. I'll be looking into Show Jumping around the area too so maybe I'll finally meet you Beckz?


Beckz said...

probably! I looked for Jack when I visited the uni on Friday and if I'd seen you riding I would have stopped in. Probably wont be cmpeting again until next September now though. Time to get the young hores going now

Jennynz said...

So what are you studing at Palmy?

Eek about the bucking and rearing - it could just be lack of work like you said, but is there any fresh grass growth in the paddock because it could be that too? With the rain + warm weather lately we've had some new growth in our paddocks and my TB turned into a monster for a few days - I don't bother riding him when he is like that. He is normally sweet tempered but when he is on new grass the toxins in it make him a bit loopy, he completely ignores me and will walk all over me (literally) if I don't get out of the way. He gets like this every spring and autumn, so I've just started giving him a toxin binder to see if it helps. It was just a thought - since he is in a new paddock with probably quite different grass to what he was on in Auckland? And I understand that some horses will react badly when ridden if they have the toxins in their system (I've heard it compared to being on "P" - the horses' brains are affected).