Friday, March 13, 2009

Let me show you around

Jack has now been at his new home for about three weeks and we are finally getting a routine set. There is always a need to smooth out some kinks when moving to new grazing and I think we have finally done that.

Jack lives at the Equestrian Centre on the main campus. I am currently studying at the other campus in town but it doesn't make much of a difference since its only a 3 minute drive from one campus to the other. I will be moving to the main campus in the second semester so that will make things a tad easier.

Feed Sheds aka Rat Haven

The centre is pretty well equipped with an all-weather arena (which is sqaureish... I find that strange) with 15 hectares of grazing land that is divided into 21 paddocks. There are feed and storage sheds. The feed sheds have rats... "shudder". Usually I'll bang a lot on the door of the feed shed and then count to 20 to give the rats time to hide before I go in. I can't stand them.

The Arena

Two of the stables

Jack's paddock is rather small which means supplement feed is essential. His feed has been upped since I came down and he's getting a biscuit of hay a day. His weight has finally stabilised so I think we have found the right balance for the time being.

Jack in his paddock

I keep Jack's tack in one of the sheds by the arena. The arena is quite a way from the paddock so usually I'll chuck Jack's halter on and bareback him up to the shed and tack him up there. He's actually really responsive in just the halter, I can neck rein and leg yield him to get him to change directions. There are closer tack sheds but by the time I found this out, the sheds were pretty much full.

Jack's tack shed

Its a great place to be and the other grazers are really helpful and nice. I am so glad I have the opportunity to bring Jack with me here!


Beckz said...

I'm glad its all going well for you :)

Katie said...

Thanks Beckz!