Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stomp! Stomp!

Jack's ground manners have been bad from the start. Apparently he's pushy and overbearing because when he was first rescued off the track he was on deaths door. He just stood in the paddock and was dull and lifeless. As he started getting better, his personality started appearing and his rescuers were so happy that he was finally showing signs of life, they let him do whatever he wanted. This meant showing him no discipline whatsoever. As a result, he can be a big bully and thinks that everyone should get out of the way of him. I dealt with this when I first got him (with the help of an instructor from Pony Club) and overall he's become a horse that will respect your space much more.

But... he has the amazing ability to stand on my foot often, and hard. I swear he knows what he's doing because he'll literally grind his hoof down and will totally ignore me as I try desperately to push him off. This is the state of my left foot at the moment:

My feet are ugly generally, but Jack does not help with his re-modeling. Please note my big toe. Currently half the nail has peeled off due to a particularly bad stomp that Jack granted me with a few months ago. The whole toe went black and recently the bottom half of the nail decided to vacate my foot, leaving the top half. Once the new nail has grown completely underneath, the blackened top half will come off (hopefully).

Please also observe the two purpley patches just beneath my toes. Jack gave me this on the day of his arrival to Massey. He did at the last possible minute of our time together, which shows he knows exactly what he was doing. He stomped and he twisted and when I finally managed to push him off, the foot was hurting badly. I originally thought it was broken and could barely walk on it. But soon the pain went away and was replaced with swelling and bruising. The cuts bled a lot and my foot looked huge. Once the swelling went away, I could wear normal shoes again. The cuts are only just healing properly now.

My right foot is in better condition. But only just. I have some mean blood vessel damage from Jack getting his stomping shoes on.

Maybe its time to invest in some steel cap boots. Maybe that will foil Jack's stomping attempts... but he would probably just wait until I changed into my riding boots.

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