Monday, April 20, 2009

Our First Training Event Planning

Jack and I are competing at our first Training Event in 3 weeks time. I am a little nervous but my friend E has convinced me that I will be fine, and that Jack is more then capable. I find that planning things really helps to make me feel prepared and ready for such a thing as this.

So I have made a plan to do which includes a mixture of dressage, show jumping and conditioning. Hopefully we will be able to get at least one Cross Country training session in at one of the local pony clubs. My friend is going to give me some Show Jumping lessons and hopefully my other friend will be able to give me a dressage lesson or two.

The trial is at Arran Station, in Takapau, Hawkes Bay so if anyone wants to come say hey, feel free.


Beckz said...

Yea one day when I have a weekend off and Rascal is back in full work I'll come over and we can all go to the beach. That would be mint. I think I have a free weekend in about amonth lol.

If it makes you feel any better the training course at Takapau is awesome. It's a nice course, not too many questions. Will you be able to hold him in the snaffle ok do you think?

PS I like the new layout alot

*Sharon* said...

Aw, shucks, you changed your layout for me? (Blush) Ta!
I will see if I can get down to Arran Station and cheer you on - I have plans of riding there maybe next season...
I would be interested in your fitness plans - it is something I know little about. But if I'm going beyond Pre-Training, I'd better find out about interval training etc.

Katie said...

Beckz - That would be awesome! I look forward to meeting you.

Haha thanks for that! He's pretty amazing in a snaffle... will slow down any time I ask so we should be fine. I know I need to get some non-leather gloves though since he pulled the reins through my hands a few times at the last competition.

Thanks about the layout :)

Katie said...

Sharon - It would be great to see you. I will do a post on my fitness sometime this week. It's nothing too flash but it works well for us. I'd love to see you ride next season!