Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beautiful winter mornings

The last two mornings have been stunning! First we are treated with a beautiful light show over the water, city and surrounding islands. Then the lights give way to a bright blue sky, and a warm sun which takes most of the winter chill out of the air. I was fortunate enough to be able to go riding both mornings and I'm sure the beauty of the mornings helped Red and I do some awesome dressage and fun jumping work! Seriously everyone needs to learn how to appreciate mornings like this because they can really keep ya going. Here are some pics from this morning!

This is a pic of Auckland! Well Auckland city. I work right by that tall building (The Sky Tower for those who aren't locals :P)

This pic here is off the sky tower (far right), the Habour Bridge (that lil hump in the middle) and Rangitoto Island (the big island looking mass on the middle left). We get this view from Te Atatu Peninsula. Incredible isn't it?

And here is Rangitoto Island. This Island is awesome, I've never been there (which is shocking because I've lived in Auckland my whole life) but its totally round so you get the same view from everywhere. And you get great pics like this with it. I really must go there some day.

All the jumps I did today are piddly because they were set up like that when I got there and I couldn't be bothered changing any of them. Im sure Red got sick of them.

The biggest jump set up!

A girl and her horse... plus their shadows (sorry that was kinda lame :P)

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