Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Days!

So this weekend is pretty cool so far... and its about to get a WHOLE lot better. Because you see, in the next hour my best friend will be arriving at my house! I haven't seen Sarah-Anne for about 7 months since she lives in Taumaruni, which is a little hole (sorry all you Taumarunians out there) about 5 hours drive away from Auckland. Actually its really only about 4 hours but my dad drives slow so it makes it longer. Sarah-Anne is pretty much awesome! We've been friends for about 6 years now and shes been part of my most fondest, and funniest memories to date.

Take the first time I went to stay with her for example. We were in one of her huge paddocks seraching for some horses to ride and we had looked everywhere. These horses seemed to have just vanished off the face of the earth. We were walking along a little sheep track when Sarah-Anne pushed me off the track and onto the grass, it was all good until I fell into a little swamp. Now people, you have to give me credit. At this point I had only been on a farm a handful of times, and being from the Auckland suburbs I couldn't tell the difference between grass and the green grass like stuff that sometimes grows on top of these little swamps. My right leg sunk into the swamp up till my thigh while my left leg was still on dry ground, and no matter how much I tried I couldn't get my leg out of the sticky, muddy swamp. So I appealed to my dear friend for some help. Well instead of coming to the rescue and pulling me out, Sarah Anne was laughing. She kept laughing for about 5 minutes while I still fruitlessly tried to get myself out of the swamp. After her hysterics were over she grabbed my arm and pulled me out. My boot was filled with mud and my whole leg was plasted with it. We then figured the horses were at the top of the paddock, and so we had to trudge up the huge hill we had just come down (seriously this hill is huge, we've often talked about how we would like to install a pulley system so we wouldn't have to walk up it). We found the horses, saddled up and went for a ride.

So Sarah-Anne has come up to Auckland to go Ball Acessory shopping. Her ball is next week and she invited me so we hopefully will find all we need today. I can't wait! Heres two pictures of Sarah-Anne and I:

In other news, yesterday it was quite nice and sunny so some of my friends and I decided we should give our horses a wash. I ended up only washing Red's tail because I didn't want all the warm, protective grease to come out of his coat. My friend Simone and I had a water fight, I got her really good with the hose and then she tried to get me but she never did. So i stayed completely dry. The worming guy came to worm all the horses. Red reared up on him when he stuck the tube in his mouth! Red has always been head and mouth shy, although hes way better then when I first got him, but never have I seen him react like that before. The guy wasn't too worried though, he just calmed him down and then did it. He said it was his fault because he didn't give Red much warning. He then weighed Red, and he mesured him. I can't remember his weight but he is 15.2 1/2 HH. I thought he was 15.2 so thats pretty good. When Simone bought her horse Rocky, the owners told her he was 15.1HH. He is in fact 15.0HH which I think she was a little pissed about, but hes a great horse anyway.

Well until next time...

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Anonymous said...

hahhahaha oh yes many many happy days, oh i laffed the whole way thru!!!! luv ya chicky