Saturday, July 7, 2007

Girth Galls

So it looks like Red has got the start of some girth galls which is realllllllly annoying! He's never had them before so I'm thinking hes getting a little bit fat at the moment with the horses now getting hay every day and that his girth is getting too tight! So I guess its some bareback riding for us until the lumps go away.

He is also starting to get a infection kind of like rain scald or mud fever on his back so I'm going to give him a iodine wash, I don't want it spiraling out of control like it did when I first got him. He had scabs filled with pus the size of a golf ball all over him then. Its all the silly winters fault I tell you! I can't wait for summer! And the new season, its going to be an amazing season I can feel it already!

I went to a sleepover on Fri night with some of my PC friends. We started these sleepovers this off season and they are always fun. They usually consist of lots of junk food, movies, silliness and no sleep. We had a video camera this time so we did lots of stupid home videos of us fighting. The next one is at Emilys house in a few weeks hopefully, so I can't wait!

Well I shall be off now! I've got some Blue Heelers to watch :)

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