Monday, July 9, 2007

Since I have nothing too exciting going on with Red at the moment I thought you might wanna have a squiz at some of my old show/riding pics. Please note... most of these pictures were taken last season when my jumping position was shocking and I had no clue about what I was doing, next season I'm sure I'll have better pics lol

This is Red and I at the Waitangi Day Rally, it was heaps of fun!

Another waitangi day picture

This piccy was taken at the last ODE of the season. Please observe how I am leaning to one side, I had lost one of my stirrups half way through the phase and I was trying to stay on my horse which I sucessfully did :)

In case you don't realise from our amazing costumes we are Pirates with Pirate Horses. Our idea stemmed from Emilys pony Wuzzle who unfortunatley lost an eye to a growth last year. She had a patch lol

So this is us in the water jump at PC. If I remember correctly you are looking at (from left to right) Captain Mayhem, Mad Dog Molly and Scallywag Sally aka Nicola, Emily and myself.

Another pic from Henderson Valley ODE. This is the last jump of the cross country.

Yep so there you have it! Next seasons going to be my best season yet so some awesome pics are defintley going to be on the way.

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ahem... scallywag sally... hahahaha