Monday, January 21, 2008

Hoof Update #2

Well I went away soon after Reds hoof problem but txts from my AuntieSue kept my updated. Unfortunately I had no access to the internet hence this late post.

Anyway I got up early on Saturday morning after 4 hours of sleep thanks to a night of salsa dancing. I trudged out to Reds paddock and gave him another injection and then went off to camp. Another injection was due that night but my auntie REALLY did not want to do it. So she called the vet. I can't remember if she said the vet came out (I think she did) or if they just talk on the phone but she said that Red could be taken off the painkillers and antibiotics on Sunday. My auntie managed to convince one of the PC mothers to give Red his last injections.

The farrier was then called out to give Red new shoes. Reds feet were getting very overgrown because of the massive amount of grass growth here at the moment. The farrier shod him and declared him sound for riding again. Auntie Sue can correct me if I'm wrong, but the vet said he would be fine to ride if he was re-shod.

So she took him out for a ride and he was completely sound! He then spent a fun 1/2 an hour galloping around his paddock trying to protect one of 'his' mares from another horse so I think hes totally fine. Thank goodness, it means I can compete at the ODE on the 3rd of Feb.

Anyway I've got a few stories from camp I'll share with you in the next few days. So keep a lookout for those.

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Callie said...

Nice to hear Red has healed nicely.