Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hoof Update

Reds foot has been dug into to get the nail out and to leave a hole for drainage. We're hoping an abcess doesn't appear otherwise things are going to get even more complicated. His hoof is bandaged and hes wearing a boot.

Well we rushed up to the Saddlery Warehouse this morning to pick up a boot and some flyspray for Red. The flies were annoying the heck out of him so something had to be done. On they way up Auntie Sue called to ask that we bring bandages too because Reds one was starting to come off. Unfortunately they didn't have flyspray, only fly repellent wipes. We rushed to the pony club with our bag of goodies and started working on Red.

We soon realised that the boot was far too small to fit over his hoof with the large bandage on. So while I waited over an hour with Red my mum and Auntie went back to the saddlery shop and got the next three sizes up. When they finally arrived back I wrestled with Red to get the shoe on and then went through the complicated process of tightening it.

Then it was time for the injection. The vets had shown my aunt how to give the injection but she wasn't too keen on actually sticking the needle into him. She told me how to do it and one of the other pony club mothers stood with me for moral support. I held the needle next to his skin for a couple of seconds trying to compose myself while she gently encouraged me along. I took the plunge (haha) and then pulled the syringe back to make sure I hadn't hit a large blood vessell (I didn't) and then injected the penicillan in. It took awhile as the liquid was quite thick. Thankfully Red barely battered an eyelid.

Hes on twice daily injections, with twice daily feed laced with pain killer. The vet will be coming to see him on Monday, and thats when the injections can stop. Since the rest of my family won't inject him it will be up to me. I'm supposed to be going away on Saturday and I've offered to stay home and do it, but the general consesus is they want me to go and they'll pay someone else to do it.


Callie said...

Wow,hope he heals well without any complications. Poor, Red.

photogchic said...

Thank sucks big time! Keep us posted---poor Red---he looked so awesome in your video.