Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New Year

Wow! Can you believe it? Its 2008! Happy New Year to you all. Riding has taken a bit of a back burner recently because of a camp I went to over New Years but its back on now. Somehow in the week that I didn't see Red he put on a ton of weight. Its all sitting on his neck and at the back of his belly effectively giving him a pot belly. Its really quite unattractive.

I went for a great ride yesterday, the first in ages. Red was spooking at anything and everything. Luckily I've mastered his spooks so I never feel like I'm going to bite dust when he does them. The funny thing was I had been talking to a family friend and had mentioned that I could not ride Red for awhile and then get back on him and he would be sweet as. Obviously I overestimated him. Once I got him into the arena and concentrating he settled down and was fine.

My friend Sarah brought her miniature pony Snipety over for a visit. Red stood with eyes on stalks as Snipety approached. Once he got over his initial shock he put on his 'stallion' act. Snorting, huffing and arching his neck. Snipety is a gelding too so I don't know what he was hoping to get from this. Snipety then decided to lie down and roll and he happened to be near the side of the arena when he did. Unfortunately he breached himself on the wall. He struggled a bit then lay quietly as Sarah and I laughed. We managed to pull him out from the wall and he got up easily by himself.

I'm just about to go for another ride soon. Hopefully I'll get some of the extra fat off from around Reds body. If he gets any fatter I'm going to have to yard him.